Content and SEO

SEO is firmly embedded within website content and the daily content updates – and SEO is changing all the time as search engines such as Google become ever more sophisticated with their algorithms, such as Hummingbird.

These days understanding keywords for traffic generation is not enough. You need to understand how search engines are using artificial intelligence to modify searches while penalising the SEO techniques that were popular only a few years ago. Moreover, as link-building and click-bait start to disappear as methods of driving traffic, SEO specialists have to understand and innovate to keep up with developments.

Our team of experienced SEO and content experts are at the forefront of the changes now happening as online searches focus more on AI and mobile voice search. We use our expertise and data analysis to help ensure you can be top of Google in pay per click and organic search. Furthermore, we guarantee to save clients’ money by using our in-depth understanding of how to use services such as Adsense properly, avoiding unnecessary bidding wars that cost you money.

SEO and content should now fit hand in glove as part of your web and social strategy.

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Mike Atkins

Head of Digital, Pavilion