Our approach

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Our approach

As specialists in providing digital publishing services for clients in the public and private sectors, our approach is a simple one. We make sure your content reaches all those customers, social consumers and communities through a combination of trust, analysis and evaluation.

Content you can trust is our unique offer for our clients. Whether it’s generating viral videos on Instagram for sportswear companies, or writing blogs for people with mental health problems, Digital by Design has the methods to ensure your messages are received.

Our experience of content generation in all forms is married to our deep understanding of SEO, social media networks and data analytics. In addition, we apply robust trust models that underpin all our processes to give our customers a truly unique digital ecosystem which their customers trust, like, follow and keep sharing.

Commercial goals

We begin by identifying your commercial ambitions. What do you want to achieve as an organisation? For private sector companies this will be brand recognition, sales, revenue. For public sector organisations it will be trusted information, a greater community reach, promoting health and wellbeing, cutting costs by using technology.

Customer, consumer, community

We then look at the digital ecosystem surrounding your organisations. We look at the target audience, we research the content and social models, we apply the trust points at every step and we plan a search strategy.


We then run a content audit, looking at what you have and what you lack, what we can throw away and what we can re-use. We then map your content strategy using editorial calendars. This guarantees your content is right for your audience. We then plan content distribution, ensuring it is promoted in the relevant social networks and engaging with the top online influencers.


Once we have all this in place we then analyse the data. We see who is reading, watching and listening to your content. Who your audience are sharing this with. Along with web traffic, we also analyse your social networks and then continue to modify our approach so your content always hits the sweet spot – and your audience is left wanting more.

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Get in touch to find out how our experts can work with you

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