The sectors we work in

We specialise in content, social media and SEO in a number of sectors, including organisations in the public and private sectors. As a result, we are experts at tailoring your digital requirements for your audience.

Areas of expertise:

Public sector

    • Local authorities – we have built website directories for a number of social service departments across the UK. The work is highly specialised and includes copywriting web pages, uploading pictures and videos, building the site navigation, analysing captured data and uploading regular content. Client benefits include the ability to cut costs while maintaining a community service using content, social and technology
    • Schools – we have built school websites with bespoke designs around classroom pages. The work includes copywriting web pages, uploading all pictures and videos, building the site navigation and including all children safeguarding information for parents and teachers. In addition, we have built secure class pages for teaching purposes in the back end of the website. So teachers and pupils can learn IT and social media skills in a secure setting. Client benefits include more community cohesion and online engagement between staff and parents. Also, an increase in safeguarding best practice awareness for staff and pupils

Professional services

We have written CVs and built social content strategies for global law firms. For KWM, we rewrote all the partner CVs, to emphasise trust benefits for building their personal and company brands. In addition, we ran workshops on how to maximise LinkedIn as a business development platform for the partners by using trusted content as a means of engaging with clients and prospects

Security services

We have worked with security companies, building websites, generating content and setting up and maintaining their social media networks. Benefits for the clients include increased revenue from business contacts gained through content published on the LinkedIn publishing platform

Child protection consultancy services

We have worked closely with key child protection consultants, creating websites, generating weekly content and growing and maintaining their social media networks. Benefits for the client include an increase in consultancy contracts in health, policing and social care across the UK

Social care, medical and emergency services

Our parent company Pavilion has been publishing magazines, books and websites in the social care, medical and emergency services sector for 30 years, and we have the benefit of their great experience in these areas.


Our team has agency experience working across a huge range of eCommerce verticals creating brand, content and social strategies.

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